End of Summer Projects

Posted: October 13, 2010 in General, Outdoor projects
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Well the window of time that nature gave me for my summer project has come and gone. The past 5 months of work spent in evenings and on weekends, combined with lots of math and the occasional wrong cut, has produced a Gazebo in the backyard.

Not completely done with only the railings and steps to go…they’ll have to wait for sunnier days. Typically I prefer to dabble in metal work, if you make a mistake with metal you can just weld it, fill it, cover it, or modify it. I find that wood is much less forgiving and even after measuring 3 times I still only get one shot at a cut.

The basic specifications of the gazebo is a 12 foot diameter hexagon. There were seven 10 inch by 8 foot deep piles poured for the support. The floor was built using a concentric pattern therefore the floor joists had to be designed to allow for the circular pattern.

I wanted to make the roof something enjoyable to sit under. I decided to go with exposed roof joists and then backed them with cedar planks. The only welding on the whole projet was the key block for the peak where the common and jack rafters meet the peak. The roof exterior was finished off with No. 2 grade cedar shingles.

I used Smartboard to trim up the bottom of the posts as well as used it for the fascia. I’m unsure what I will do for a railing design, I’ll use the winter months to ponder over some ideas. I plan to build a center pedestal table for the inside, I’m hoping to have that project completed this winter.

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