Long overdue: BBQ Post 1

Posted: October 13, 2010 in BBQ Project, Garage projects, Welding projects
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A friend of mine whom I work with asked me in spring if I would be interested in taking on a BBQ project. 5 months later I am finally getting around to it. Out at his families cabin they use a couple of steel drums cut in half to roast the occasional lamb. He thought it was time to change to a more user friendly piece of equipment. I have no  experience with designing or building a lamb roaster however the project sounded fun. It will allow me to combine some welding, machining, and creativity to come up with something unique. My friend supplied the basic design, I am supplying some sort of method of putting it all together.

The roaster is 6 feet long by 30 inches wide. It will feature a height adjustable spit for roasting a 50 pound lamb. It will also feature a lower non-adjustable spit for roasting some sort of Greek delicacy featuring stuffed intestines? The BBQ gets it fire power from BBQ briquettes. It’ll have a couple of removable ash drawers for catching and cleaning out the burnt briquettes. It’ll also be sporting an adjustable stainless steel cooking grate. If I can stay on budget the set up will also be getting a full removable roof to help with the wind protection.

Right now the unit is in mock-up phase. Once the base is built the time-consuming task of machining the rotisserie set up will begin. Hopefully the project will be ready for their Easter celebration.

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