Queue’n up the BBQ: BBQ Post 2

Posted: October 17, 2010 in BBQ Project, Garage projects, Welding projects
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Spent the weekend fabricating the adjustable rotisseire, laying down beads, and cleaning up the welds.

The rotisserie height is adjustable with the help of an automotive scissor jack. The jack is located in the center bottom and has a x-member which supports a couple of 1 inch pipes on each end. The pipes run through guides on both the boxed ends of the BBQ. The scissor jack height adjustment range is approximately 9.5 inches. Since the BBQ has to accommodate a variety of different types of meat that require different heights in relation to the coals I incorporated a second adjuster on the ends of the jack crossmember. If I have confused you this will all come clear in the end.

I spun up a few bearing supports out of 5/8 inch mild steel rod on the lathe.I cut grooves in the rods to allow for external snap rings to secure the rollers. I then TIG welded the roller supports into the main frame. The rollers will allow for easier movement of the ash drawers.

The skeleton is 95% welded up, I will now start to concentrate on finishing up the height adjuster as well as the trim work on the main assembly. After this is complete I will start on the rotisseires.

The drawers will be getting handles yet which will fall into line with the rest of the trim.

 I typically try to TIG weld all the visible welds, I love the clean look of a TIG bead.




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