Get a handle on it: BBQ Post 3

Posted: October 18, 2010 in BBQ Project, Garage projects, Welding projects
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Some of the trim work are going to be stainless steel accents. I’m on a budget so I need to limit how much SS I use. For the handle I am going to weld on supports made from 4 inch flat by 1/4″ steel. The stainless steel handle will get ends with threads welded on in order to bolt it onto the supports. The supports are quick and easy to make and only take about an hour from design to layout to fabrication and completion. These are the steps I use when I make smaller items. 

I start by designing the handle shapes using Autocad. Click on BBQ handle to view a PDF format of the Autocad design. I print the design off using a 1:1 ratio. Any items that are bigger then an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper I need to run off as multiple sheets. In this case the handle is small enough to fit on 1 sheet.

I cut the template out, lay it out on the metal stock, and trace the pattern.

I run a staight edge and plasma cut all the straight sides first.

I then drill a 3/8″ hole for the handle to bolt to. The hole placement was determined in the Autocad drawing. Once the hole is drilled I can then bolt in a washer as a plasma guide and trim up the rest of the support.


I clean up the edges and the face with a hand grinder and the support is complete. Once I have the handle ready to go I will bolt the assembly together before I TIG weld the supports onto the main frame.


  1. Jason Garber says:

    Just a tip… When I need prints larger than 8.5×11″, I save them to PDF (with correct scale), and then send them to staples to print off up to 36″ wide. Lastly, I verify the scale with a ruler when I pick them up (Staples has not always printed at 100%, but they can).

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