With the bulk of the main frame fabrication and welding completed I decided to focus on the trim work and stainless steel.

The main purpose of the BBQ is to use the rotisserie the bulk of the time however some grilling grates will come in handy and will keep the grilling options open. I welded up 2 grates made all from 304 stainless steel 5/16″ solid rod. They are both 12″ wide and rest on a couple supports that run the full length of the grilling area, this way the grates can be placed anywhere along the top of the BBQ.

The ash drawer handles were made from 3/4″ brushed stainless which I welded nuts into the ends for mounting of the handles onto the brackets. The main handle was done from 2″ brushed stainless. The ends were capped and nuts welded in as well.

Eventually the whole BBQ will be painted with high heat satin black BBQ paint. The addition of a few stainless steel highlights will give the unit some visually pleasing contrast.

Next task will be to focus on the rotisserie. Building of the spits and the mountings will hopefully give me some lathe time.


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