I shifted my attention to the rotisserie drive setup. The dual 7 foot spits are going to be made from 304 stainless steel 1/2 inch hex rod. I ordered the rod but have not received it yet however that didn’t prevent me from getting started on the bearing supports.

I’m not going to rely on the rotisserie motor to support one half of the spit. I will build 4 bearing supports to hold up each end of both spits. I designed the support using AutoCAD.

I am limited with my equipment therefore I am unable to machine the 1/2″ hex required to slide over the spit. I decided to use some 1/2″ drive 1/2″ impact sockets that I picked up for $2.30 as the main center support for the spit pulley. I started by machining the 1/2″ drive side of the socket out to .5625″ which would allow me to slide the 1/2″ hex rod all the way through the socket. I then machined the taper side of the socket down into a cylinder so that I could cross drill it and tap it in order for it to accept a 1/4″ fine thread set screw. The set screw will allow the socket to secure to the spit rod.

The pulley that is welded onto the socket, which in turn will ride on the bearing support, is machined from 2″ diameter mild steel. The steel stock is cut to .900″ wide then welded onto the socket. Once welded the rest of the machining is performed ensuring that the whole assembly turns out round.

There are 2 bearings for each end support. I machined bushings that support the bearings out of 1″ 6061 aluminum round stock. The bearings are then secured to the support using M10 socket head bolts.

The bearings mount to a bearing support cut from 2″ x .250: flat bar. The template designed with AutoCAD was used to plasma cut the supports. Holes were then drilled and tapped.

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