It was time to get caught up on all the little details that have been left behind. There have been multiple components that were only tack welded which have now been fully secured. I completed most of the “not so fun” tasks so as to not fall behind on the progress.

I had been waiting on an order of metal which were going to be my spits. The 304 Stainless Steel 1/2″ hex rod arrived on my door step on Friday so I was then able to use the weekend to get the rotisserie drives fabricated. I was able to place my bearing mounts in the proper locations and then weld them in. I built removable mounts to hold the dual rotisserie motors. I installed studs into the main frame to allow for the motor mounts to slide on and then get secured with custom made thumbscrews.

I wanted to have a place to store the spits and the grates when not in use. I choose to mount a couple of brackets to the front face of the main BBQ frame in order to be able to slide the spits in for storage. The grates each got a couple of hooks welded in below the ash drawers in order to allow for hanging.

Next item on the agenda will be to fabricate the prong adapters for the spit as well as a brace to clamp the spine of the lamb.


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