A local automotive dealership was looking for a wheel balancer adapter to use on their Hunter Road Force wheel balancer. They needed an adapter with pegs deep enough to fit the rims on a BMW X5 E70. The available Hunter adapter is an adjustable, universal fit, type adapter that typically falls apart when you try to adjust it.

I started with a wheel hub from a E46 that has a wheel bolt spacing of 5 x 120. I machined out the center hub splines, plus a bit extra, in order for the hub to fit the balancer spindle. I machined off all rough castings in order to balance the hub out. BMW hubs typically use wheel bolts therefore I TIG welded in some studs. I then machined all the fingers from 1″ diameter solid alloy rod then drilled and Helicoiled the holes. I wanted to make the fingers removable in case there was a need for a different set in the future. This way I wouldn’t have to re-machine a new hub.

The new adapter has turned into the full-time adapter since it fits just about every BMW wheel the shop balances.


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