The customer had wanted a lid for when the weather was a bit cooler. My original plan was to incorporate the lid with the rest of the structure however the customer wanted one that was removable. Since the lid was going to have to be lifted on and off I wanted to make it as light as possible. The main frame was welded using 1 x 1 x .065″ square tubing and the sheeting was 20 gauge sheet metal.

The BBQ was made with 4 holes drilled, .625″ in diameter, at each corner. The holes would allow for the pins of the lid to slide in. I started by making the 4 corner supports using 2 x 2 x .100″ square tubing along with 5/8″ hot rolled steel round bar.

I wanted to stay away from building the lid as a simple box so I chose to fabricate an arched roof section. I welded the 2 roof supports together and them ran then through the metal bender as a pair. Once I had the arc I wanted I cut the welds and separated the two pieces. All the 20 gauge panels then got plasma cut. I used the arch of the roof as a guide for the plasma cutter. I am not set up to deal with 4 x 8 sheets of steel so wrestling the stuff around by myself was a bit awkward.  Once the sheets were all trimmed then the seam welding and grinding began.

The customer had asked whether the project would be completed by Christmas. I made the mistake of committing to the time frame and now I am faced with shifting my efforts from slow paced enjoyable fabricating to a high speed and high production pace. The pressure does not agree with my techniques and therefore a certain amount of frustration has set in. However I am falling behind on my own projects therefore having the BBQ completed by Christmas will allow me to start the new year off fresh. I suspect the next BBQ post will be at completion stage.

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