Well the project has come to an end…for now. The problem I always run into when building “one offs” is that there are always issues that arise once the project is put into use. I have my concerns about the strength of the rotisserie motors as well as how much flex will occur in the .500 stainless steel spit. Other factors that are off interest is how the heat from coals are going to impact the function, hopefully the skewers will still be able to slide off. I guess time will tell. I suspect the BBQ won’t be used for a few months yet.

As I previously posted, there were some items that didn’t get the attention I had hoped to give them. One of those items was the removable top. The cover was built very quickly and was a disappointment for me however time was a factor (yes…that’s my excuse).

As far as details go for this post, there aren’t very many. Everything had been fabricated up to this point and all that remained was the paint. I used satin black brush on Rustoleum high heat BBQ paint for the main structure which got 2 coats. All the smaller items got 3 coats of spray bomb bbq paint. I like the way the main unit turned out, I think the black with the stainless steel highlights give it a nice clean look.

The BBQ was hauled away to its new home on December 24th. It is a bit of a relief to get my shop space back. The shop is going to get a good cleaning and then I’ll jump right into all my back logged projects.

I decided to turn this post mostly into a picture post. You can view all the finished pictures below. Enjoy!






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