Decoding the mystery: CCM serial numbers

Posted: January 13, 2011 in Cycling
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There have been some questions lately concerning how to determine the year of certain Zenith bicycles that were built by CCM for the Marshall Wells department store chain. I posted a chart that outlines the letters assigned to CCM bicycles between the years 1921 to 1960. For those of you who are interested in my connection to CCM built Zenith bicycles check out my post on my 1935 model.

It took a little bit of sanding on the frame of my 1935 model to actually find where the numbers are stamped. I finally recovered the numbers on the left side of the seat tube at the very top of the tube were the seat post slides in. My number was fairly well stamped and with a little bit of sanding it was readable. I am unsure if all frames are stamped this well. The number on my model is X4076. According to the chart there are up to 5 numbers that follow the initial letters between the years 1921 to 1936.  I am assuming because the bike was under the 10000 produced amount I only have 4 numbers.

I located the serial number chart awhile back on the internet. I am unable to give credit for it where credit is due.

  1. BARRY says:


    • gordsgarage says:

      Hi Barry, glad to hear you joined the CCM club. I am not very familiar with the that year of CCM. Have you been able to locate any specifics regarding the serial number? What are your plans for it, rebuild? Is it rideable? Is it a road bike? I want details!


      • Michel Bouffard says:

        Hi Gord, i would like to find more about my bike. It is a Gold CCM Mustang 3 speed Sturmey-Archer ( on the handlebar ) . The serial number is E321228. I think it is ’73 or ’74?

      • gordsgarage says:

        Hey Michel, I have a lot of people asking me to help identify certain CCM bicycles. I always struggle as the only information I have is what I have published on my blog. I know specifics about my own 1935 CCM model simply because I have researched it. I know that many times a picture can help solve the mystery. I always suggest that people get to know the members on the CCM forum as they can sometimes be of some help. I also know there are knowledgeable people that follow my blog so perhaps one of them could chime in.

        Good luck!


  2. dmc says:

    I have a 1935 CCM Racing bike, with track (horizontal) drop-outs and a sweet flip/flop hub. It needs a lot of restoration, although structurally and mechanically it is rideable. What do you reckon it would be worth when completely renewed?

    • gordsgarage says:

      Hi dmc, it sounds like I nice find you’ve got. I love the vintage track bikes. Is the flip flop hub original to that bike? I am also curious as to whether it has wooden rims. Anyway…I’m afraid I am not much help to you in helping establish a price. I am not at all in tune with the going rate of vintage bikes. From what I know it appears that CCM is not as a desirable brand bike as many of the European models of from the same era.


  3. Jesso says:

    I was just given a CCM Encore serial number E081211, can you tell me the year of it plz?

    • gordsgarage says:

      Hi Jesso, according to my unofficial records a serial number with the prefix E would be either a 1925 or a 1972 production bike. In your case the CCM Encore would be a 1972. Hope this helps.


  4. james says:

    hello gord
    i have a old ccm bike and was wondering if you could tell me what year it is
    the serial # is 45A238

    thanks james

    • gordsgarage says:

      Hi James, do you know approximately how old the bike is? The number that you gave me does not appear to be a vintage CCM number. Typically the numbers either start or end with a letter. Do you have a picture of the bike? It may help to at least identify the decade. You can maybe poke around the vintage CCM website located here for answers.


  5. Melanie says:

    Hi Gord, I just stumble upon your page yesterday and started to read about things. I found you because of your Zenith. I also have a Zenith. My is a 1939 (1C6566) so not too far from yours. My first real antique. It needs a lot of work but it will be so nice once restaured. It was given to me by a lady from my barn (horses). Her son found it in a river while fishing. It got repainted (house pain) and the weels are pretty rusty. It’s missing the thrust bars and some other things. Mine have steel rims. The front hub is a Philipps Cetonia and the rear one a Perry (those without the leg). The rear one needs to be rebuilt. The seat is original but missing the recovering and a little crooked. I just adore that Zenith.
    Honnestly I have an hard time to choose between my Zenith and my mint lady Humber. I’m partial to my CCM’s tho.
    Thanks for your great site!

    • Melanie says:

      Hi again. I forgot to mention that my lady Humber is from about 1940. I haven’t found a serial decoder yet for those.
      Thanks again!

    • gordsgarage says:

      Hi Melanie, glad you found your way to my garage world. Pretty cool to be able to find a 1939 CCM. If it had been laying in a river I imagine it’s in fairly rough condition however as long as the frame isn’t bent I would say it’s a great find. The hubs on the bike confuse me, they do not sound as though the wheels are original. Your Humber sounds like a great ride, I Google searched some of the Humbers, awesome looking steer tubes, nice lines. Do you have plans on restoring the Zenith?

  6. Melanie says:

    Hi Gord, thanks for your reply.
    My Zenith is not at all rusty. Well not really. I’ve posted some pictures of it on another forum from when I just got it. Feel free to go have a look.

    Then some pictures of my Humber lady. I found her before she was sent to the metal recycler. Basicaly in the garbage. Here are some pictures of her from another forum.


    • gordsgarage says:

      Hey Melanie, thanks for the links. You’re right the Zenith doesn’t look to bad at all, the frame geometry looks similair to mine. The Humber has fantstic looking lines, nice ride! Cant believe your luck when it comes to aquiring vintage bikes. You have the start of a nice collection.

  7. Dean says:

    Hello there. I have recently purchased a C.C.M Mustang. It is a little on the rough side, i’m sure of the age of it or if its worth a full restoration. The serial number is A967640. if its not a collectible i want to repaint it. Can anyone help me out the age of the bike

  8. I bought an old CCM this weekend but can’t find frame number. Rear hub however says on the side of it CCM 37 Made In Canada Pat 1937 and then in the middle of the hub it says A46187. Any ideas?

    • gordsgarage says:

      Hey Dustin, the older CCM serial numbers are located on the very upper end of the seat tube. Depending on how much paint is on the frame the tube may need to be sanded down in order to find, and read, the number. If you are still having troubles you may be able to find some help on the CCM forum located here.

      Thanks and good luck!


      • John Williamson says:

        Hello, the CCM-made frames with the X serial numbers seem to have appeared about a year after the start of WWII. All of the frames that I have found of this type are fitted with a cottered English-type crank. I initially came up with the CCM serial number vs. year of manufacture list that is now all over the web based on information obtained in an issue of VIM (the CCM trade magazine). I made the list about 10 years ago and gave copies to a couple of people in Ontario who appear to be responsible for spreading the information to the web. The issue of VIM that the serial number information came from was from the early 1950’s. I am confident that the years given for serial numbers up to about 1952 are accurate. For the years from 1953 to 1960, I have confidence in the earlier years but am not so sure towards the end of the fifties. I have also discovered that a bicycle with a serial number for a particular year could have been offered for sale as early as September of the previous year. For example, I obtained a frame with a 1940 serial number that was purchased in September of 1939 on the day that WWII was declared. I also know that when the CCM factory repainted CCM frames, which they did years ago, that the serial numbers were altered.

        John Williamson

      • gordsgarage says:

        Hi John, thanks for the great bit of information. I often have people asking me for specific information regarding their CCM bikes, unfortunately I really do not know a lot about them except for what I have researched on my own Marshall Wells. Hopefully others will find your information useful too.

        When I posted the initial CCM serial number table I had commented that I did not know who was responsible for it so until someone else steps forward and claims something different you can have the credit. Thanks for the work.


  9. Louis-David Gouin says:

    Hello, I have an vintage CCM bike for woman, the serial number appears to H132623 but I just can’t find any information on that bike on the net. Would anyone would be able to provide me with some infos on that bike? I need to find replacement parts..Thank you in advance. Louis-David

  10. Here is a mystery one for you. What year is this bike.

    Here are all the markings I can find on it

    CCM 37 Made In Canada PAT 1937

    FALCON 1/4 Balls
    Made In Canada

    SEAT LUG (on frame)
    8V1012 (hard to make out)

    Dunlop Imperials
    26 X 1 1/2
    Made In Canada 140

    • gordsgarage says:

      Hey Kurtis, I have a lot of people asking me to help identify certain CCM bicycles. I always struggle as the only information I have is what I have published on my blog. I know specifics about my own 1935 CCM model simply because I have researched it. It looks as though you have done some hunting for numbers. I beleive the seat lug number, 8V1012, will be the determining factor however I am unsure myself. I know that many times a picture can help solve the mystery. I always suggest that people get to know the members on the CCM forum as they can sometimes be of some help. I also know there are knowledgeable people that follow my blog so perhaps one of them could chime in.

      Good luck!


      • disapyr says:

        To Kurtis,
        My guess is that your bike is post 1940. A better guess would be 1960-1970 because of the tire size. If I remember properly pre 1940 had 28″ tires, then post 1940 to 1960 had 26″ but the fat one (balloon) and then after that came the skinny ones from the 1960 to 1970 then post that up to today were the mountain bike sizes or road. Note that in the 1970’s there was also the 27″ road bikes one. My guess is that you have a CCM Elite or Rambler or Galaxie to name a few. There was a lot of models made in that era. A picture of your bike would sure helps. Also the shape of the headbadge would help too.
        Hope this help.

  11. David Allard says:

    Hi, first or all tank y ou for jour web site.

    I have a ccm Cleveland with serial nimber k2675, so probably a 1927!

    Do you know what does it worth since I’m planning to sell it to someone who would really en joy it.

    Thank you!
    David from Québec

    • gordsgarage says:

      Hi David, sorry about the delayed response. I am not up to speed with the CCM bicycle market. Much of the worth will depend on the condition the bike. My recommendation to you is the get to know people on the CCM forum as they would be of more help to you then I would.


  12. Melanie says:

    To David, I’m a ccm bikes freak. I’d love to see your cleveland. I might even be interested into buying it.

  13. bookmarked!!, I love уour site!

  14. john nurse says:

    i just got a prewar zenith marshall wells and i have no idea where it was made. do you know where i might look to find the original specs on the bike?

    • gordsgarage says:

      Hi John, I am not able to help you out with the original specs of your bike however I have previously referenced to multiple resources that may be of some help. You need to look at the other comments written in this blog post.


  15. Terrance says:

    Good Day.

    I am trying to discern a K serial number Rambler I bought at a thrift store.

    The number is as follows 54162

    Any info would be greatly appreciated…going to fix it up as it is in awesome shape.

    Have a good day.


    • gordsgarage says:

      Hi Terrance, all I can tell you is what I have already listed on my site. It would appear that your bike is a 1927 model. If you review previous comments you may be able to research more information.


      • John Nurse says:

        I have a zenith marshal wells. The serial number is 118k. Someone please help me figure out the year.

  16. Justin says:


    Thanks for posting, so fascinating!
    I just purchased an Eaton Commander, could be a CCM frame, do you know if they made them for Eaton’s? If they did, according to the chart, it would be a 1929! Exciting!

    Thanks again,

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