My point is the view

Posted: February 16, 2011 in General
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I stumbled across this video in a forum posting that I viewed recently and was very intrigued by it. I figured the video deserved a mid-week blog entry. The video was created by Jim Quattrocki who has been producing video and films since the mid 70’s. You can see more of his work here.

After seeing this video I could not stop thinking about it. It wasn’t for the reason that Bart is a blind mechanic nor was it for the fantastic video work done by Jim Quattrocki. I think it made me start to question what the underlying reason is is that drives a person to take a passionate interest in mechanical things. For those of you who are not mechanically minded your comprehension of my personal interest in things that go tick and vrroooommmmm may be a mystery. However I think Bart’s story can be related to anyone that has a passion about something.

I had always considered my interest in mechanics (not just cars but how things “work”) to be based on things that I could see. I would see something operate and then wonder how it was built to work. Over the past few days of thinking about Bart’s situation I can not get my head wrapped around the fact that the root of my interest stems from initial visuals. Just to be clear I am not talking about how Bart can function as a mechanic without the use of his eyes but instead where his passion comes from.

It started to make me contemplate the whole nature versus nurture idea. Bart was initially exposed to mechanics through his father. When I reflect back on my beginnings I would have to give my father credit for the exposure he gave me. My father was not a mechanic nor was he a tradesman however he knew his way around an internal combustion engine and certainly taught me a few things. I am not sure I would give my dad credit for instilling a “passion” in me however he certainly gave me an introduction.

I like Bart’s reference to his “Dart fund”. He appears to have a car he is passionate about fixing, repairing, or maybe restoring. I think the fact that he, himself, will never drive his Dodge proves there is an underlying genuine interest in working with “mechanics”. I think it’s fantastic the way Bart received Popular Mechanics in braille, I think that proves that some people were born with grease under their fingernails.

Maybe Bart is no different than anyone else. He talks about how he had to fix his mom’s car out of necessity. Perhaps his passion stems from opportunity. The fact that he was presented situations that allowed him to use his skills not only allowed him to realize his abilities but also made him appreciate them.

I felt as though I would need to conclude this blog entry with something I learned from my contemplations. I’ve got nothing. I am quite content with settling on eternal wonderment. I’m good with that.


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