In keeping with the theme of celebrations today is a good day to take a moment to recognize William Sturgeon. This English gentleman was born on this day in 1783 in the settlement of Whittington,Lancashire. So what is so significant about Bill? Well, in my opinion, he has a few fine qualities worth mentioning. He apprenticed under his father as a shoe maker. This is cool thing #1, he built things, yeah ok they were shoes but handmade shoes are cool. I respect the shoemaker for his talents just like I respect the seasoned body men for their sheet metal forming talents. Leather forming and sheet metal forming are 2 mysteries to me. Cool thing #2, he was an inventor. He took his thoughts and ideas combined with talent, effort, and persistence and came up with some pretty significant inventions. Cool thing #3, he taught himself mathematics and physics to the point where he would spend much of his time lecturing. Where most of us only have a couple of cogs ticking away in our cranial cavity he had a complete epicyclic gear set with helical cut gears and the works running his show. Cool thing #4, the dude invented the DC electric motor incorporating a commutator. This is where the ultimate praise comes in. William, in my books, is given credit for making my garage, and projects, what they are today. If I sit back and contemplate just how many electric motors I have in my garage I would being picturing in excess of 28 and I probably have a lot more. So may I suggest that if you have a moment today, go find a tool that has an electric motor in it and raise it in recognition of Mr. Sturgeon. I know I will be going out into the shop and giving my air compressor, milling machine, lathe, and my angle grinders a pat on the back of their stators. Bill you make my world spin! Happy Birthday.

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