In keeping with the theme of acknowledging those individuals who have made a significant contribution to my garage projects, today would be a good day to stop and recognize Mr. Nikolai Nikolaevich Benardos. This particular Russian was born today in the year 1842 in the village of Benardosovka. It is worth giving Nick credit for a number of fine qualities he possessed. First he was an inventor and for me that makes you number one in my books, nothing is cooler then creating something new with some lateral thinking. Second this guy was diverse. While many individuals concentrate their efforts in one specific area Mr. Benardos was all over the map. Within his life time this guy patented more then 100 inventions ranging in the areas of electrical, agriculture, and transportation. Makes me wonder what this remarkable Russian would have been capable of if exposed to the technology we have today. The third thing that makes dude the coolest is that he was the originator of carbon arc welding. In 1881 this was the first practical arc welding method. You would be a fool to think this isn’t worth celebrating. So Nick today is your day and so instead of lighting a candle in your honor I will in choose to go out to the garage, light up the TIG torch, and strike an arc in memory of you. Thanks for making my metal molten. Happy Birthday.

  1. Carolyn says:

    And happy birthday to you, Gord. I’m sure you’re going to give Nicky-boy a run for his money as an inventor.

    • gordsgarage says:

      Thank you for the birthday wishes. Nicks got one up on me, he can turn ideas into reality. Potential is only good if you can produce. Maybe one day I will end up making a significant contribution somewhere.

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