The Evolution of Something

Posted: August 12, 2011 in Celebrations
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Over the last few months of celebrating individuals that have made a significant contribution to my garage projects I have recognized inventors, artists, physicists, shoemakers,  mathematicians, and some great minds. Well this month, I would like to stop and take a moment to recognize an individual who has probably contributed more to my projects than any other person.

This particular contributor is not known for the same type of skill sets that individuals previously featured  possess (or possessed). By trade, this person is actually an accountant (it’s my blog so I can call it a trade if I want to) and did not spend his working years making a living using his hands. But if you think about it, accountants and building trades have one very important thing in common; they both use numbers to accomplish an end goal. With all the calculations involved in building something, you would want your virtual “balance sheet” to come out to zero. If you end up with too much or too little you’re screwed. However, it might be easier for an accountant to hide the unwanted numbers.

So you’re probably wondering how an accountant has helped me in my garage projects. Well this accountant also happens to be my dad. And although I grew up trying to learn the valuable lesson of budgeting, I was also exposed to garage projects by my dad. My dad was one who would typically tackle a problem or project on his own first. Very seldom was a “Pro”  called in to accomplish a task whether it was fixing cars, building a garage, wrenching on motorcycles, or woodworking. The guy taught me that with some forethought and planning, anyone can make something happen. As a kid, I may have been delusional thinking that my dad could do it all and there probably were times that a professional should have been called in.  But I would have never known because my dad always got through it.

My dad is the guy that taught me how to change oil, take apart 2 stroke lawn mowers, fix motorcycles, as well as implement good work habits like wiping down tools and keeping the tool box organized. Many years later I continue to practice those work habits learned from my dad.

So today I would like to say Happy Birhtday to my dad. Thanks dad for helping me get to where I am today. There is a bit of you in each of my projects.


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