The gate has found completion and now sits hung on its hinges. All the fabricating had previously been completed and all that remained was paint and assembly. As I have stated so many times in the past I always struggle with the painting. I am not equipped to finish my projects properly. On the gazebo railing project I hired out the powder coating and it worked fantastic. Unfortunately hiring out the finishing stage is not always in the budget plus, for me, the money is not as much a factor as the fast I like to perform all aspects of the project myself. I have spent months now brainstorming a paint booth addition to the garage. Hopefully I will find some time over the winter to make the booth a reality. Anyway…for now the gate gets the same finish as most other projects and that is a couple of coats of Tremclad.

 I decided to go flat black this time because I think the flat will blend better with the fence stain. The hinges and latch were all disassembled and everything got wiped down and prepped. Over a period of a couple of days I was able to brush on a couple of layers of paint and then gave it 3 days to cure.

The assembly was straight forward. The hinge plate was bolted to the corner fence post using five 5/16” lag bolts. Before hanging the gate on the fence all the bearings got packed with waterproof wheel bearing grease not only to allow for smooth operation but also to give the bearings some weather protection. With the hinge bearings installed I was able to adjust all the endplay out of both the upper and lower hinge. The operation of the gate is fantastic displaying no binding and very smooth gliding. The weight of the gate combined with the ease of movement gives the set up a solid feel to it.

 The latch was assembled and the striker plate mounted to the fence post. The striker plate need about a .125” of adjustment which was easily accomplisher with a die grinder and carbide bit. The latch alignment turned out to line up great which resulted in no struggling with latching or unlatching.

 The fence boards that were going to fill the center section had previously been painted and pre-drilled. I used some ¼” carriage bolts backed with acorn nuts to secure the boards onto the steel frame.

 So this post is more of a picture post. I do not have a whole lot to say about it all other then it is done. What project I will be moving onto next is yet unknown. I am a bit unsure what I am in the mood for these days.

  1. Jason Garbet says:

    Hey Gord, excellent result to a lot of hard work. Thanks for sharing.

    • gordsgarage says:

      Thanks Jason, the gate all worked out as planned. My only disappointment, as previously mentioned, is with the final painting. Hopefully I will find a soluition for furture projects.


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