As I have mentioned in the past I suffer from high frustration levels when it comes to putting the finishing touches on projects. Building is one thing but making it look good with a topping of paint, powder coating, or anodizing is whole other set of skills, knowledge, and equipment. In the past I heavily relied on my trusty can of brush on Tremclad and it works well depending on the application however as different projects are completed they require a more professional finish. 

My aluminum welding is getting better

For some time now I have repeatedly said I was going to do something to resolve this issue. Well I figured now is the time. After lots of brainstorming and planning I have begun construction on a collapsible, aluminum framed, positive pressured paint booth. Overall planned dimensions are 9 feet wide by 12 feet long by 8 feet high making an overall square foot area of 108 sq. ft. and a volume of 864 cu. ft.. I have calculated my air exchange CFMs which will have a 1 HP electric motor taking care of the business. The intake and exhaust filter square area has been figured out and there is nothing left to do but build. I have no intention of ever painting a vehicle in the booth therefore the size only needs to accommodate my larger projects.

1/4" crimp nuts used for attaching the filter cage

Since I have been practicing my aluminum welding on scrap it was time to put it to use. The idea is to build the entire structure from light weight aluminum and tarps. The design will allow for me to collapse the entire booth and pivot it up to hang on my garage ceiling for storage.

Installed filter material and weatherstripping

So the beginning stage was tackled and completed. I had started by building the spring loaded man door which is also doubling as my exhaust filter set up. The door is constructed from 1”x1” x.065” 6061 aluminum along with some aluminum 1” and ½” flat bar. The main frame was built and then a grate section was fabricated in order to allow for sandwiching my exhaust filter. I am using a generic 20 ft x 30” roll of furnace filter to handle catching of the overspray. I may need to tweak things as I go.

Main door frame with cage unbolted

For now the aluminum welding is going great. Aluminum is so nice to work with, easy to cut, clean, things seem to go quicker. With all the beads I am running I can see an improvement in my aluminum welding ability.

With the door complete I will be moving onto the end wall construction in which one wall will involve building of the intake filter and ducting.

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