I am not sure the blog has reflected, all that well, what my time has really been consumed with lately. I had posted a short bit on a collapsible paint booth that I am in the middle of building. Well the work certainly has not slowed down and, as with most projects, always takes longer then one expects. Anyway…progress continues to take place and a booth is starting to actually take shape out of the pile of aluminum that used to be lying on the garage floor.
The booth has been great practice for improving my aluminum welding skills. I am feeling much more confident with the procedure and feel that I have really been pushed to a whole new level of options when it comes to fabricating.

I have spent a few full day Saturdays working as quickly as I could just to get the main frame up.  The overall dimensions came out to 9 feet wide, 13 feet long, by just under 8 feet high. The idea is that it will collapse small enough, an light enough, to allow for storage on my garage ceiling.

Up until this point I have completed 3 key components. The 2 end frames have been welded up. One of the end frames houses the door which also acts as the exhaust filter and the other end frame has the intake filter incorporated into it. The 2nd key component is the roof section. The roof has been split into 2 sections thereby allowing it to fold down in between the 2 end frames. The end frames and the 2 roof pieces are all held together with hinges. The 3rd key component involves the vertical supports for the center roof sections as well the horizontal floor braces that secure the 2 end frames.

I am not too sure what I can really say about all of this. The pictures are all fairly self explanatory up until this point. I have chosen to make the roof vertical supports and the horizontal floor braces separate from the rest of the structure. I have room for separate storage of these components. With the main frame in a collapsed state the overall thickness is only 4 inches however this will change a bit yet. The entire structure is getting wrapped in a tarp which will only add some bulk to the collapsed unit. I am unsure how to calculate the overall thickness until I can actually test it. Hopefully the unit will still fold as nicely as it does now.

I am to the point were I need to fabricate the fan assembly that will be moving all the air. I have chosen to build my own fan assembly using a 1 hp motor and separate aluminum fan blade driven by a pulley system. Once the fan assembly is mocked up I will jump back onto the frame and incorporate some duct work to help direct the air flow. Stay tuned…there’s more to come.

  1. Mmmmm I see a car being painted soon…

    • gordsgarage says:

      Hey Chris, nope no car, it wouldn’t fit. However I have commited to taking on some projects for others (I’m not sure that was a good idea) that will require more of a professional finish. This booth better come together in the end.


  2. Russ says:

    Really nice Gord,

    Will the tarp be fixed to the frame (Albeit temporarily) when erected or stitched/glued in such a way that it will fit snugly and airtight over the frame?



    • gordsgarage says:

      Hey Russ, good question. The tarp has been a huge time consuming mental engineering item. Lots of guys use 6 mil vapor barrier which is somewhat meant for 1 time useage. I have opted to use a 14 x 14 mesh 1000 denier tarp which is more heavy duty. At this point I am undecided as to the method I plan to use to attach the tarp to the frame. I’m am leaning towards large head aluminum rivets however it has yet to be determined. I am hoping that the air flow will be sufficient enough that my tarp will not get too littered with overspray. I really hope that the tarp will be able to be a permanant feature. Trial and error will tell. I have designed the floor to seal therefore, cross my fingers, I should have a 96%-97% sealed chamber. This is also why I opted for a pressure booth, if there are leaks at least I won’t be sucking in dirt.


  3. Glenn says:

    I found your site a little while ago and came across your spray booth today. i love the design. I need to build one as I have a ton of ranch machinery that needs repainting. The weather here in Texas takes its toll on paint very fast.
    I also saw your bit on the powder coating. Shall have to follow up on that as well as I would like to use powder coating where I can as it seems to stand up a lot better than paint and is far less messy. Now if I can just convince my wife that using the oven for the powder coating is not a bad thing then I will be golden….

    Finally, I watch CBS’s Sunday Morning show. They are always showing different pictures fo sun’s. I would suggest that you send in a couple of examples of your sun that you did for the church. I’m pretty sure you will get it on the air.

    Keep up the great work. I find it very interesting.


    • gordsgarage says:

      Hi Glenn, glad you were able to find your way to my 2 acres of cyberspace. The spray booth turned out really well. There are minor flaws but when considering all the criteria it had to meet I can’t complain. I have a bracket all welded up that will get mounted onto the ceiling and that way I can store the booth up there.

      The powder coating has been a lot of fun. Keven, one of my blog followers, got me onto it. I have been having really good luck with it and have lots of projects planned that will use the coating. The powder is cheap and goes a long way. As far as the mess goes it is fantastic. I spray the stuff in the middle of my garage and then just do a quick sweep to clean things up. Plus cleaning the equipment is cake using 120 psi. I think you have already identified the most challenging part and that is the wife factor.

      Thanks for the heads up on CBS. I’ll send them a quick picture and request that they give you a shout out from gords garage.

      The comments are always appreciated. Thanks!

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