Well I did some testing of the Reil style propane burner that I built for my future foundry furnace. I must say that I was pleased with its initial performance. Last week I had pieced together a Reil style burner. Since then I have collected a 15 foot propane hose, a 20lbs tank of propane, the required fittings to allow the hook up, a 0 – 60 psi pressure gauge, as well as a 0 – 30 psi propane regulator.

I choose to plumb the pressure gauge right in at the nozzle instead of at the tank thereby ensuring I would know exactly what pressure the nozzle was getting. As I mentioned in an earlier posting I had cut the burner flare at too steep of an angle however I chose to use it as a learning experience and see what kind of difference it would make. So with the propane tank connected to the burner I headed outside to see what kind of damage could be done.

I thought that a video would be more interesting than any kind of descriptive writing I may come up with so below you will see the inaugural testing. When viewing the video you can watch the pressure gauge at the nozzle. I was able to adjust the propane pressure all the way from under 1 psi up to 30 psi. Take note that the “12 o’clock” position on the gauge in the video is 30 psi. The video demonstrates adjusting the jet position first by using water and then the burn section shows the effects of different pressures and different choke settings.

So after the video was shot I switched the burner flare over to a different, and proper 12:1 ratio, flare. I then lit the unit up to see what kind of performance difference was evident. With the proper flare I was unable to achieve propane pressures past 20 psi. There are, however, other variables at play. I am one size bigger on my jet then I ought to be so I am going to hold back any official reviews until I have time to machine a #60 jet.

So with moderate success I continued on with some engineering of the actual furnace. I was throwing different numbers around and determined that in order to achieve the amount of BTUs required for the furnace I am planning to build I would need 3 Reil style burners. Hmmmmmm…I could do that or I could just go bigger. I am undecided however I figured it was probably worth my time to prototype a bigger burner which will have a 2″ nozzle as opposed to a .75″ nozzle. Since then I have collected all the parts required for the bigger burner and will try and hunt down some time to construct it. If the bigger burner is a success then the continued testing of the smaller Reid type burner may come to a halt.

  1. Jason Garber says:

    Hey Gord, I think this is an awesome project and one that I have always wanted to do but lacked the know how / time. Thanks for the pointers!

    • gordsgarage says:

      Hey Jason, I’ve done lots of reading and have heard lots of diffeent opinions on how to accomplish the task. There always comes a time when I have to stop researching and actually get my hands on things. You can learn from my mistakes, I suspect there will be numerous. Anyway…it’s a side project, I’ll work on it in my spare spare spare time.
      How’s the new garage?

  2. Pyradia says:

    Your project is great. I’m trying to make something like that. I will steal some of your ideas!! ahah

    • gordsgarage says:

      Hey Pyradia, thanks for checking it out. Feel free to steal all the ideas you want. The project is going to be a slow one as I have numerous other jobs that I need to give priority to. However mark my words… the foundry will one day be alive!


  3. Ed says:

    do you have a drawing with dimensions for the burner flare. I am doing some research into build a foundry for casting small parts. Drawing with dimensions would really help.

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