So I am on the home stretch with finally reaching completion of the 2 remaining custom rays for the metal art project. Up until this point I have been rather unimpressed with my creativity on the previous 7 rays. This time round I finally built something which turned out well plus it gave me more ideas for different projects.

The first of the 2 rays, which is the one I like,  is somewhat of a “strap” theme. The idea was to use different dimensions of flat bar, all with different radius bends, and weld them onto a triangle support structure.

I started off by fabricating a frame that would bolt onto one of the 20 gauge sheet metal rays. I built the triangle shaped support frame so that it would sit neatly in between its neighboring rays.

With the frame mocked up I was able to start with laying down the strapping. I used a combination of 1/8” flat bar which included 2” hot rolled, ¾” cold rolled, ½” cold rolled, ½” brass, and ¾” copper. They were all sent for a ride through the ring roller in order to give them a curve.

As I began laying down one strap at a time I attempted to make the patterns unique and interesting. On a couple I of straps I added some copper highlights by wrapping 14 gauge Romex copper wiring around them. On a few others I welded in some automotive ball bearings and CV joint balls in order to create another dimension. In the end I liked what I came up with. Up until now all the rays have been built rather imprecisely and lacked a precision construction method. I’m not sure I cope well with this type of building method. The strap ray allowed for a little more calculating which resulted in a more refined look. Anyway…the name of the game is diversity so different is good.

The last ray was built using a framed concept. The design, nor building, was overly complicated. The pictures will do the talking.

Using 20 gauge sheet metal I plasma cut out various frames of different shapes and sizes. Then using a combination of copper, brass, expanded metal, and galvanized sheet metal I filled all the frames. I have yet to attach all the components to the actual ray. Again…I am not sure I am all that thrilled with the “framed” concept all on its own. Hopefully it will help to complete the 9 custom rays nicely.

So with all 9 custom rays finished off it is time to direct my attention to the 3 stainless steel “god” rays. Originally I was going to leave the rays plain stainless with no design however I am now thinking I may implement some scroll work. Only garage time will be able to determine the outcome.

  1. TheFonz says:

    i dont recall but how many of Rays do you need to make? once everything comes together and you play around with the order that you mount the rays i think you will like the outcome of it all.

    • gordsgarage says:

      Hey TheFonz, I have a total of 12 rays. 9 of them are custom rays and the remaining 3 are all the same and made out of stainless. I sure hope you are right about the end result. Doing projects in lots of different stages makes it impossible to tell if I am on the right track up until the very end when it all comes together. Thanks for the encouragement.


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