Well it’s back onto the metal art project. This time I am entering the final phase of the creative process and need to deal with the center piece. As usual I have no clear direction or vision. The only criterion is that the center piece will need to be large enough to hide the center pivot where all 12 rays come to meet in the center. Other then that it needs to be unique and fall into line with the theme.

The build started off with some larger diameter chunks of pipe and a 2” piece of solid round machine steel. The rest of the center piece somewhat morphed into existence. I am not to sure what I can say about it all. The pictures tell the story and I suspect there is very little a person can’t figure out by just using the visuals. So I will let you browse the images as this weeks post. Any questions just ask.

  1. FabTessaro says:

    Looking good Gord!! I can’t wait to see the final assembly!


  2. Jonathan says:

    Super cool. Somehow reminds me of the cover of the album “Chaosphere” by Meshuggah. Can’t wait for the finished project!

    • gordsgarage says:

      Hey Jonathan, thanks for the comment. I Google searched the album cover and I agree the artwork and my center piece share similarities. Meshuggah’s design is pretty cool, makes me want to buld an actual replica.


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