So the ’65 Revive project has been weighing heavily on my mind and it was time to start putting the project into go mode. The plan is to start with the engine rebuild first and ensure that the power plant is salvageable. Once the engine is confirmed good then a game plan for the rest of the bike will be made.

The idea is to strip down both the original engine and the donor engine and then evaluate what parts can be salvaged and what parts will need to be acquired in order to have a running engine. I typically do not enjoy working on engines while they are rolling around on the bench loose as I try and loosen and tighten fasteners. So the plan is to get prepped for the engine work by first building an engine stand in order to mount the engine to for a rebuild. The stand will also hopefully double as the engine running test stand. If my plan runs its course I am hoping I will get the 160cc power plant running, timed, and tuned on the stand before putting it back into the bike.

So I spent an afternoon in the garage fabricating a custom CB160 engine rebuild and test stand. I didn’t have a design to work off of so instead walked into the shop, dressed myself in my grubbies, flipped the breaker panel on, turned on the air compressor and started cutting and welding.

I will let the pictures tell the story as the build does not need very much explanation. The stand was built from metal I had laying around. I used a hockey puck mounted on a threaded rod to allow for tensioning of the engine once it was bolted to the stand. Once the stand was welded up it received a glass bead blasting and then a coat of Super Durable Wet Black powder coating.

The engine mounts onto the stand with no issues. It appears to be mounted solid enough to allow me to actually fire it up on the stand. So with the stand built it’ll be time to organize the shop space and prep it for the engine tear down and inspection.

  1. TheFonz says:

    Gord, those plasma cut brackets came out nice, they almost look CNC’d lol. Good update

    • gordsgarage says:

      Thanks Alfonso, I agree the brackets turned out great. It’s funny how when I design a specific bracket that I want it never comes out the way I expected but when I just wing it, like I did on the engine stand, the brackets turn out fantastic. I am a big believer in planning things out however sometimes it is better to go unplanned.

      As always thanks for the comments


      • Mike Olsen says:

        Very nice job on the engine stand Gord. After you have the engine rebuilt and running you’ll have to find another “spare” engine just so that you can use the stand to display the power house. Again, good job as always.

      • gordsgarage says:

        Thanks Mike, the stand turned out great. Hopefully it will be able to handle 16.5 horspower since I plan to get the engine running on the stand. As far as a display engine goes…good idea, I will probably have enough engine parts left over to be able to put a shell together.


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