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Posted: August 7, 2012 in General
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I often believe that people who strive to succeed and excel at whatever they are doing set their sights on what is known as the “top “in the social media. For example musicians may compare themselves to the “top” artists of their genre and then work to achieve, or surpass, the level they have set for themselves. I often think that things that are considered to be the pinnacle of there category are sometimes at the top because of marketing and business strategies that have allowed them to reach the masses. These days it would seem that marketing and business play more of a role in “success” then the actual thing or skill.

I take great comfort in believing that the greatest of all things are done by individuals that will never be recognized. I believe that some of the greatest musicians are those that sit on their couch and play for themselves. I believe people have created, built, and invented many things that will never be viewed by the public. These people have done these things simply because they have given 100% of themselves to their dream. Marketing and business are not a factor. I also take joy in believing that there are people out there oblivious to the “public standards” that have been set and they have surpassed these “standards” totally unknowingly simply because they have worked within their limitations of greatness.

For a long while now I have found just about everything on television to be rather boring. Lately when I have found the time to sit down and kick back I have been browsing the videos on Vimeo. I have been able to find lots of very cool, well made, inspiring videos from independent videographers.  I stumbled upon a video by Adam Richards entitled Shinya Kimura who is a Japanese born custom motorcycle builder. The video reminds me of the raw greatness that drives people to achieve extraordinary results in what they are passionate about.

The film is fantastic to watch as it displays raw material, “real” tools, a passion, no design department, feeling, imagination, and soul. The subtitles are great to read and the images and sounds are exceptional, I only wish I could smell the fuel, oil, and hot metal. The film demonstrates the product of someone who was “brought up surrounded by the smell of oil and steel”. I guess some people were just born lucky.

So when you have 3 minutes to spare blow this video up to full screen and crank up the volume. Should any of you happen to be iPad users then I encourage you to watch it on your tablet however make sure you are holding onto it throughout the duration as the vibrations from the engine that come through to your hands makes it feel like your on the bike. Enjoy!

  1. Fab says:


    I think you should have been a writer! I loved every word and I totally agree with you 100%. Some great artists never become known because they are lousy marketers and some lousy artists become household names because they are great marketers. My motto is “strive for perfection and accept excellence.” I’m not sure that I achieve any of that in my photography but in the end, I shoot for myself and if someone should happen to like my work, that’s just a bonus. I shoot with passion as I am sure other artists approach their given fields with a similar passion. Shinya Kimura is an artist and all I can say is…his art is awesome! Thanks for sharing.


  2. TheFonz says:

    I totally agree with you on this Gord. So many musicians out there that never make it to the top but are equally or even better at what their famous counter parts do. So many car builders, bike builders, fabricators that dont have a TV show yet can transform a pile of steel, parts, etc into a work of art and never get the recognition they deserve. You for example fall in that category of amazing fabricator. Your attention to detail, to be able to come up with unique designs even on the simplest of things, for example the hinges on that one side yard door. You could have just slapped on some simple big orange box store hinges, but you went above and beyond to create something unique, appealing and truly different.

    I had seen videos on Vimeo but i always thought it was another Youtube in a sense, just random videos. I didnt know there was such wide range of mini movies in a sense. After watching this video i typed in “automotive” and found myself watching a lot of cool independent short movies. Really awesome stuff on there.

    • gordsgarage says:

      Thanks for the comments Alfonso, looks like you and I are riding on the same track. I suspect some of the most amazing things that have been built will be things that you or I will never see.

      I thought the same thing as you about Vimeo but then I soon realized that it appears to be a few steps up from Youtube. There are many videos that display some great videography.


  3. Alfonso says:

    Gord , i remembered this post after watching this video. Thought you might like it if you havent seen it.

    • gordsgarage says:

      Hey Alfonso, that is a great video. I actually shared that one on my blog awhile back however I completely forgot about it. I ended up watching it a few times over after you revived it into my life.


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