Another Brick in the Wall

Posted: September 4, 2012 in Outdoor projects
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I have been using my weekends lately to get caught up on the fireplace build in the backyard. It’s tough to make any sort of progress in the evenings as any work that needs to be done requires hours of allotted time. I have been able to get a protective wrap of tar paper on it and then I installed the metal lath required for the scratch coat of mortar. Since I am not planning to install a tile surround on the perimeter of the fireplace opening I chose to weld up a stainless steel finishing trim piece that would give me a nice line to butt all my stones up to.

So I sacrificed an afternoon to getting the first scratch coat on. It is a job that I do not particularly enjoy however I sucked it up and made it happen. With the scratch coat on I was able to tackle all the stone work in a day. The idea was to only stone the face, and sides, of the fireplace. The remaining parts of the structure will be finished with a dark charcoal stucco finish. I am happy with how the stone work turned out and can only hope that the stucco process with result in an equally acceptable finish.

Tar paper and lath installed making the fireplace ready for the scratch coat of motar.

Stainelss steel trim that I TIG welded up using angle iron. The exposed section was then brush finished to match the rest of the fireplace.

Working my way through the scratch coat. It was smokin’ hot out that day forcing me to work fast before the motar dried up.

THe scratch coat completed. Yes it looks ugly but it is only the base coat and will soon never be seen again.

Started to lay down the Dark Rundle stone. Getting the corners completed first before moving onto the flat sections.

Compelted stone work. Glad it’s over. Time to prep for the stucco. Winters coming!

  1. Hope says:

    Beautiful work! Your wife sure is a lucky lady!!!

    • gordsgarage says:

      Thanks for the kind words Hope, I always cringe a bit posting pictures of unfinished projects since there is typically a lot of vision that needs accompany it. The stone worked out well.

      My wife is not the lucky one…I am.


  2. TheFonz says:

    love the stone wall Gord. I have been wanting to do this to one part of the house, but im not very familiar on how stone veneer techniques btw. . So did you apply the scratch coat and let it dry and continue the stone work on another day, or did you apply the stone the same day? do you know if when you do this indoors, lets say a kitchen backsplash, can you use a backerboard or metal lath?

    • gordsgarage says:

      Thanks Alfonso, the stone worked out well. After I applied the scratch coat the fireplace sat for a few weeks just because of my own timeline. The scratch coat needs to be dry before continuing with the stone, I would always follow manufacturers recommendations however I suspect a week would be adequate. The metal lath is always required as it gives the scratch coat something to hang onto. Trying to scratch coat a smooth surface does not work very well as the mortar has nothing to stick to.

      I am unfamiliar with interior stone applications however I know there are products available for backsplashes. The stone I use is intended for exterior uses. I am also familiar with a polyurethane type product that mimics stone and it comes in sheets, it is lightweight, and intended for interior applications. I think your idea of doing a stone backsplash would look great!


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