So I have hit a bit of a wall with the 65 Revive engine rebuild. I had ordered a NOS timing chain roller off EBay about 4 weeks ago and I still have yet to receive it. The problem is that with the upper and lower cases assembled the next component to go in is the roller. Every day I walk out to the mailbox in anticipation of receiving my roller yet every day I am faced with disappointment. I suppose I will hold on for awhile yet.

So here is everything required to get the 160cc twin running on the stand.

Drilling out the battery mounts on the mill.

Since I am stalled out with the engine rebuild I decided to turn my attention to other areas of the rebuild that eventually need to reach completion. The idea is to get the engine running on the test stand. I don’t want to put the engine back in the bike to start it up since there are so many other unknown issues. I decided that a few hours out in the garage would prove to be time well spent by fabricating the required external components needed to get the engine running.

Machining down a 1.000″ 6061 aluminum rod to match the handlebar diameter in order to be able to mount the throttle assembly.

Using the coil as a spacing guide in order to drill the mounting holes accurately

I started by collecting everything that would aid in providing life support to the 160cc twin. I have an old, but good, test battery. I also gathered up an ignition switch, some fuel tank components, the coil, rectifier, and throttle assembly. With all the pieces laid out on the bench I performed a 2 minute engineering session and came up with a plan to build myself a power tower.

Fabricating the ignition switch mount.

Here are all the fabricated components for the power tower. Time to put the finishing touches on them and then perform final assembly.

The idea is to weld up a stand that would bolt to my existing stand which will hold all the life support components. So I rummaged around and picked out pieces of scrap metal from my piles and started to cut and weld. I did a bit of machining for both the coil spacers and the throttle perch. Both components were cut from 6061 solid rod.

A quick mock up of all the components ensured that everything would fit.

I will let the pictures tell the story of how the power tower came to be. In the end everything came together as a functioning unit except for the one component I forgot to incorporate. I neglected to make room for the starter solenoid; it still is sitting bolted to the bike. Oh well…I will still add it on at a later date. So here is hoping that my timing chain roller arrives soon and I will be one step closer to pumping through some hydrocarbons.

All the parts got glass bead blasted and then finished off with some Super Durable Wet Black powder coating.

Here are my fuel tank components made from PVC pipe. The pipe is 2″ diameter by 10 inches tall. I didn’t calculate the capacity however the fuel consumption of the engine under “no load” condtions will be minimal.

The coil, rectifier, and igntion switch all mounted. Notice how the gloss black powder coating really shows off my pathetic grind job of the welds.

Throttle mounted to the aluminum perch ready for some twist action.

My assembled fuel tank installed. The power tower’s height was dictated by the height of the carbs. The fuel tank was mounted high enugh to ensure a good gravity feed.

My tester battery clamped into the stand.

So here you have it, the completed tower. All that is left is to wire things up and find some place to mount my forgotten starter solenoid.

  1. Kristof says:

    Nice! It would be nice to have tachometer as well …

    • gordsgarage says:

      Hey Kristoff, it would be nice to have a gauge mounted to the the stand. I have an older Snap-on model timing light which has a tach function. The CB160 works on a waste spark type system therefore I suspect I will need to divide my RPM readings in half. It should work for tuning purposes. However you have stuck the idea in my head, I feel compelled to find one I can mount.


  2. Chris Muncy says:

    And where’s the cup holder??

    Great job as always Gord.

    • gordsgarage says:

      Hey Chris, nice call on the cup holder! I looked and I have room for it, I’m concerned about the vibrations however what could really go wrong. Perhaps I should wire in a heated throttle grip while I’m at it.


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