Title monitor stand

So I continue to make progress with the Porsche dual monitor stand. It’s one of those projects that started from a basic mental blueprint however I have allowed it to morph into its present state based on decisions made “on the fly”. Sometimes I need to see the project come into existence before I can actually bring some life to it.

Previously I had beaten my way through the mechanicals of it. I was able to get the monitor arm pivots fabricated and now it was time to build the main support structure. As previously stated I am trying to develop a bit of a motorsport theme but at the same time ensuring that I keep things “straight and square” the German way. As I look at the design and style of Porsche showroom decor much of it is brushed stainless and black therefore I will try and incorporate those finished into the project.

I’ll let you follow along with the pictures. I have added captions to help better describe what I am trying to accomplish. If any of it is not clear then please speak up! I aim to please.

Plasma guide guide 7 inch

So I am making a couple of circle bases to sit on top of the rotor. My first circle is a 7″ diameter that is going to be cut with my homemade plasma circle cutter. Here I have set the cut radius to 3.5″.

BMW reinforcement plate

I had an old aluminum BMW suspension reinforcement plate laying around the shop so I decided to cut my 7″ base circle from it. It’ll be ironic that the Porsche monitors will be supported by a BMW component. HA!

Inner steel 6 inch

My 2nd support circle needed to be a bit smaller and cut from steel. I tacked on an old ring I shaved from a chunk of pipe to act as my guide.

Template frustration

Next I needed to build the support structure that would act as the pillar for the 2 monitors. I really struggled with design. I wanted to base it after the supports you would see on a race car, those that may anchor a spoiler. I drew out some designs on 1/8″ MDF that would act as my template. This was my first failed atttempt. I think the issue was that I put a radius in it. BAD!!!! Remenber? Straight and square!

Better template

Here is my second attempt at a support template. Much better…looks more “motorsport”.

Race supports

So here you have it, my 2 monitor supports cut from an 1/8″ steel plate.

Drilled in unison

In order to add more of a “race” aspect to it I needed to drill some holes. I tacked the two supports together to ensure my holes were drilled precisely in each support.

Race supports braced

Using some 1/2″ aluminum round bar I drilled and tapped 5mm threads into a total of 7 spacers. I then bolted the two supoorts together using stainless steel 5mm socket head cap screws.

Support to base

Support brackets then got TIG welded to the steel base.

Holding it together 1

It was now time to mount the 2 previously built monitor pivot brackets to the support. Things got a little funky since perfect alignment between the 2 monitors were required. Here I determined, in a very crude manner, the over spacing between the 2 monitors. Elegant isn’t it?

Holding it together 2

It was time to weld the montior brackets to the 5/8″ steel rod used as the cross support. To ensure the montiors would end up parallel to one another I clamped a 6″ x .250″ piece of aluminum between the 2 monitor supports then welded them into place.

Holding it together 3

Next it was time to weld the 5/8″ cross support round bar to my previuosly built vertical support brace. Another hi-tech jig was used to ensure everything would end up straight and level.

Straight and square 1

So ther you have it, the monitor brackets and the support braces joined together in molten matrimony. The extra 2 rods that are present above and below the 5/8″ cross bar are 5/6″ stainless steel bar used purely for esthetics. You can also see the layer base I made from my 2 plasma cut circles.

Straight and square 2

Here is a view from the back side. I think is has some decent visuals.

Monitor hinge complete

Close up view of how the hinges all fit together. What is not evident in this picture is the color scheme I have in mind. It will involve a combination of flat black and brushed stainless/aluminum.

Arcing a support

The stand still has more components to add before the fabrication work can be deemed complete. I am planning to mount a Porsche nameplate to the back yet and therefore I require a support. I started by arcing some 3/8″ round bar thinking this was a good idea.

Support no good

Turns out the arc’d bar was a bad idea, it did not visually fit with the rest. Obviously I neglected to keep my number 1 design guideline in mind “staight and square!”

New plate support

Here is my re-do. Much more straight. Sorry but I have not build pictures. I squeezed the work into an evening and 100% focus was required. I am not sure this “add-on” sits right with me. My heart says get rid of it but my head is telling me to relax cause things are going to come togther in the end.

End detail

Here is the end detail. I could have very easily made the 90 degree corner transition much more basic however why make it simple when it works just as well complicated? The end caps are brushed aluminum.

Name plate layers

The support needs to hold a name plate up so I am layering the plate like I did the two circle bases. The larger flat bar is 3″ stainless steel while the smaller section is 2″ mild steel.

Name plate backside

Here is the overall shot. The monitors will be blocking much of what you see here.

Name plate install

Here is the side the customers will be able to see. As it sits right now I am not sure it is much to look at. It will be the finishing details that will bring it all together. For now the stand needs to be disassembled, have a bit more welding done, and then the clean up and finishing process can take place.

  1. The Stu says:

    Looks badass!! Love the spoiler inspired support. Can’t wait to see the finale!!

    • gordsgarage says:

      Thanks Stu, I am very concerned that I made the wrong decision with the nameplate bracket however I am holding out in hopes that the finishing will result in bringing it all together.


  2. raceman says:

    look’s great , wery intresssting to follow your work
    got some good ideas from you this time 😉

  3. Ben says:

    It’s great to see your developing process from ideas to your work.
    Your work guality is really good. Inspiring. Keep up the good work.

    • gordsgarage says:

      Thanks for the kind words Ben. Glad you follow along. I spent a few hours in the garage this afternoon on a new idea for the monitor stand, it’s working out great! Stay tuned.


  4. Luis Rodrigues says:

    I’ve seen bridges less robust that that. A thing of beauty. 🙂

    • gordsgarage says:

      Hey Luis, yes, I know, the stand is a bit on the hefty side. When in doubt, build it stout. It’s not built till it’s over built. Can never have too much of a good thing. At least weight is not a factor so I don’t feel bad about packing it on. Thanks for following, the end is near.


  5. Wow, that looks great. I wish I could do metal work as well as you do.

    • gordsgarage says:

      Thanks for the comment Angie. I often loose site of my successes and find myself more caught up in the things I have not accomplished. Need to take time to reflect.


  6. Alfonso says:

    i agree with you on the support design … the first one didnt seem to fit the look but the second looks a whole lot better. Can’t wait to see the Porsche logo on there. Great job as always.

    • gordsgarage says:

      Thanks Alfonso, I agree the second support is better but I am still struggling, I am not 100% happy with it however I am going to hold out for the powder coating. Sometimes the finishing has a way of bringing it all together.


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