Title Petcock

So I was able to get back onto the CB160 cafe racer project. Building the monitor stand was a good break as it allowed me to regain some focus on the 65 Revive situation. I had got my way through the kick stand project and I was happy to have got that challenge over with. Building of the kick stand was a necessary step in the master plan in regards to the exhaust system.

Getting into position

Decided to flip the bike upside down to make the fab work a bit more accessible

The bike is going to get a full custom stainless steel 2 into 1 exhaust system. In order to accommodate the exit chamber for the CO I needed to clear room under the engine and frame. One factory component that needed to be removed was the center stand as it sits exactly where the exhaust will need to be routed. So with the side stand previously fabricated I was now able to start chopping up the factory frame.

Center stand has to go

This is the mess I am dealing with. I realize it is hard to decipher the details based on the picture however much of what you see needs to go.

With both the center stand removal and the future exhaust work required I had thought about raising the bike up onto a couple of saw horses. This would have required a second assistant but at the time I was ready to start work there was no one in sight. I figured the bike has no liquids in it, except for the shocks, so I opted to flip the bike upside down and rest it on the rear frame rails and the original handlebars. I am glad I did as it made the frame mods so much easier to execute.

Starting to clean up

I needed to get a better idea on where to chop up the frame so I started to cut tabs and supports off in order to gain a better perspective.

I had not previously brainstormed plans as to how I was going to accomplish the center stand removal and frame mods so I opted to just “wing it”. Obviously the first order of business was to unbolt the center stand. With the stand removed it was evident the number of extra tabs and mounts that were welded into the lower frame section. Part of building a cafe racer is all about cleaning up all the unnecessary equipment so the plan was to strip everything that wasn’t required off of the frame.

Chopping junks

No going back now! I fired up the plasma cutter and chopped up the side supports then I broke out the cut off wheel and trimmed up the center tube.

One of the things to consider before chopping up the frame is how the modifications will impact getting the bike, eventually, registered and insured. I am unsure of the rules in my local area concerning motorcycle frame modifications however it is my unofficial understanding that cutting and welding a frame is a big no-no unless you have the right credentials. Anything that could be considered a safety factor when modifying a frame is something I want to stay away from. In the case of the center stand frame supports there is nothing that would be considered structural therefore I felt confident in stripping away some of the unnecessary frame.

Shredded stand

Here is all the sacrificial metal stripped from the bike. Was able to shave off a bit of weight.

I started by grinding off the old center stand mounts, brake pedal pivot, and rear foot peg mounts so that I could get a better view of the extra frame section I was dealing with. Once I could see things in more of a 2D image was able to light the plasma up and chop off some unwanted frame section.

I had previously purchased some Moto-bits rear sets that use the mounts for the rear foots pegs. As I stared at the frame section that included the rear peg mounts I decided to clean it all up and make it look like the rear sets were not an afterthought.

Using a round section of .625” cold rolled steel I machined some 8mm threads into the ends in order to mount the rear sets to. I had already chopped off the factory rear foot peg mounts and planed to replace the supports with a solid, one piece, section of steel in order to mount the rear sets to.

New rear set support

Here is the mocked up support for the rear sets that will get welded and, in turn, add support back into the lower frame section.

So from here on in there is not much to say or exciting pictures to show. Basically the frame got chopped, the new section of machined steel for the rear sets was set into place and things were welded up. I think the frame mod came out very well since it really cleaned up the underside. People may never notice that the change was made however it is the small details that make the difference. Quite often it is the subtle highlights, the ones people can’t pick out, are what creates the visuals. So as uneventful as this task was it is, at least, completed and I can now move onto the exhaust fabrication.

Center stand gone

Mission accomplished! New support rod welded into place and the side frame members got rounded, cleaned up, and finished off to give a clean look. I suspect the modification will look good when the frame is blasted and painted.

  1. The Stu says:

    Looks MUCH cleaner now, can’t wait to see the frame cleaned and colored!! That is gonna be one sick looking set of wheels, my friend…

  2. The Stu says:

    All the best projects are long and slow, I find. The quick ones are fun but not remotely as satisfying 😉

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