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So I continue to work my way through the FJR1300 Gen III retrofit project. Previously I was able to machine the name plate and LED light holder that would eventually get mounted to the back of the Pelican case. Next it was onto building a Pelican Case mount as well as try and come up with some way of mounting a couple of Clearwater LED driving lights.

I continue to strive for professional looking results and when mounting accessories to the bike it is important to blend the mounts in with the flow of the bikes lines. Nothing looks worse then something that simply doesn’t appear to belong. Subtle and discrete is usually a good thing and the less flashy and obtrusive I make it I think the better it will look.

So as my dad and I search for a place to mount the front auxiliary LED lights to it soon becomes evident that there are not too many options, at least none that would look good. Finally settled on trying to fabricate a couple of brackets that will get sandwiched between the base of the mirror mounts and the fairing. After much looking and measuring it would appear that the odds may work in my favor. Although I wasn’t convinced the plan would come together in the end there was enough evidence presented that would suggest the efforts verses the failure ratio was one worth pursuing.

So the bike was hauled into my garage and the fabricating began. I had a basic idea of what I wanted to accomplish however the aspect that complicated it all was I was working with 3 odd ball X Y, Z, angles. The angle of the mirror mount was situated in such a way that I needed to compensate for the angles and build a bracket that would eventually be square, plumb, and level.

I stock old cereal boxes in my garage because the cardboard is good for building templates from. So I began by building a cardboard sample of the LED light bracket in order to help determine the angles that would be required. Once I mocked up the cardboard I switched over to a scrap piece of steel and build a crude mount to ensure my efforts would not be wasted. Once I determined the proper angles I began building to good brackets.

As far as the mounting of the Pelican case I simple machined some spacers to fit in place of the existing factory rack hold down hardware locations. I cut the spacers at an angle to ensure that the mounting of the case would remain parallel with the back rack.

Once everything was fabricated the complete works got a glass bead blasting and then everything was fogged with some matte black powder coating. In the end I think the completed project worked out well. The front lights look super clean and super factory looking. The matte black finishing blends everything into the bike and prevents things from standing out as thought they don’t belong. My dad is happy and has since taken back possession of his bike and has everything wired up and working. He put his first 100km on his new bike today and was happy to report that everything is working 100%. On with the pictures…

Cheat arbor

I built a cheater arbor to help speed up the set up when needing to mill a radius. The arbor is a chunk of cold rolled round bar with the same radius as I require. I center the rotary table to the mill head and then clamp down my work piece once I have my arbor lined up. It isn’t highly accurate but I would guess that I am within .010″.

Bracket radius

Here are the results of my laziness. The radiusing of the mirror spaces work out great. They were cut from 1″ x .250″ 6061 aluminum.

6061 Mirror spacers

Here are my roughed out mirror base spacers. The black base gasket shows some resemblance, this is good.

Bracket taking shape

This is one of my good LED light mount brackets starting to take shape. I scribe my bend angles with a cut off wheel. This way I get a super clean inside bend line and it allows me to weld the exposed cut on the outside of the bend and clean it up. It not only adds strength but also looks ultra pro.

Bracket leveling

Much time was spend mocking up the brackets to ensure that my X,Y, and Z coordinates were all on even planes. Here I got within .50 degrees of level.

Perpendicular measurement

The lights will be adjustable vertically but not horizontally therefore the brackets need to be fabbed accurately. I used a couple of squraes and a staright edge to help determine what the “straight ahead” position.

Cutting vert adjusters

Before I performed the final bend on the brackets I milled out the adjustment slots to allow for vertical adjustment of the LED lights.

Bracket basics

Here sit all the LED light components minus the final bend, and trimming, of the brackets.

Bending bracket angles

Final bends. All that remains is welding and grinding of the scribe lines.

Wire channel test

In order to make the bracket look super clean I needed to be able to hide the wiring. I milled a channel into the base spacer plates and the drilled a hole in order to feed the LED wiring in under the mirror assemblies.

Brackets and spacers blasted

So here you have it, all the fabricated components glass bead blasted and ready for powder coating. I never posted pics of the Pelican case spacers however it is fairly obvious that I spun them up on the lather out of aluminum.

1st batch coated

First batch of matte black powder coated components.

Plate epoxy

With the Pelican case plate coated I was able to epoxy on the “Iron Butt” name plates.

Pelican case spacers

Here the Pelican Case spacers are installed on the rear of the FJR’s rack.

Pelican case support

A side shot of the mounted Pelican Case shows how the angled spacers allow the case to run parallel with the factory rack. Looks clean.

Completed Butt plate 4

The case gets bolted to the spacers from the inside. In order to accomodate the parallel fit some angled washers were machined.

Completed Butt plate 3

This is the inside shot of the mounted name plate. The 2 center studs were machined out to allow for hiding of the LED wires.

Completed Butt plate 1

Light bracket 1

Light bracket 3

This shows the routing of the wires in behind the mirror base. There is still a plastic fairing cover the dash assembly.

Light bracket 2

Tucking the wiring of the lights in under the mirror mounts worked great.

Mounted lights

Completed Butt plate 2

  1. The Stu says:

    That looks super pro!! The color on the rear plate looks pretty much perfect!

  2. Joshua says:

    I love it! I have a Gen 2 FJR and have seen similar light brackets build but yours are superb. Is this your bike or a customers? I am still following your CB build as I have one of the same vintage also. Do hope and wish I could purchase some of your parts like the kick stand and exhaust set up 🙂 Keep up the good work!

    Mountain Home, ID

    • gordsgarage says:

      Thanks Joshua, the brackets came out nice. The bike is actually my dad’s, he is onto his 4th FJ over the past 20 years. Glad to hear you’re part of the CB gang, I am having lots of fun with mine. Perhaps when I am finished my build I need to produce extras of all my custom parts that worked out.


  3. Alfonso says:

    Hi Gord, I hope everything is alright and you are doing good because I have seen a post from you in a while. I’m hoping you are just super busy fabricating and we are going to see a binge of posts with your awesome projects.!! well hope all is good.


    • gordsgarage says:

      Hi Alfonso, very good to hear from you, thanks for the message. Everything is fine. Things have been very busy lately, I am swamped at work and then keeping up with family, and house, responsibilities has taken up lots of time. It was painful for me to let the blog slip a bit but something had to give and I needed to prioritize. I continue to make an effort with the garage projects. I have pictures uploaded and just need to format the next blog entry. I will try and bring everyone up to speed as to what has been going on the past 2 months. Stay tunes, hopefully I will post this coming week.



  4. dlittl1711 says:

    Wow! I know I’m a year and a half late to the party, but that’s fantastic work! Would you consider building a custom set of those brackets?

    Very, very nice!

    • gordsgarage says:

      Thanks Doug, the brackets turned out well and have been in use for a full season with no issues. At this time I cannot supply you the brackets. I have had others asking for them as well. I may consider doing a run of them once my CNC plasma table is built however that won’t be until closer to spring time. No guarantees.


  5. Rahim says:

    Hi Gord.. Been Looking for the light bracket for my GEN III FJR.. The one you fabricate is superb .. If you are ready selling them please do let me know.. I would be very happy to buy them from you..

    • gordsgarage says:

      Hi Rahim, the FJR light brackets turned out very well. I have had a few requests for them but I am currently not in a position to mass produce them. I’ll put you on the list though should that time come.


  6. Rahim says:

    Hi Gord.. Well noted and many thanks for your swift respond..


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