Sometimes it’s Not About The Garage

Posted: July 14, 2013 in General
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Title rotary table

I attempt to keep most of the blog content about things that happen in my garage however every once and awhile I stumble across something that I can’t take credit for but is worth sharing. As I was killing some time watching Vimeo vids I came across Meditation for Madman. It’s a video featuring Jasin Phares, a legendary skateboarder from Oakland and bike builder, sharing a philosophy of which many of us can relate to.

Often when I see a video that intrigues me it is because of the subtle details. It just so happens that this video has both main content that is worth a few minutes of your time and the little mechanical details that gets the gas pumping through my carbs!

Right of the bat you get the audio of the ratcheting kick-starter coupled with the “no start”. I love the no start on so many levels, some of which will only be understood by people who have been there (multiple times). The other awesome details come in with the mechanical sound of the lathe, not to mention watching dials turned is incredibly relaxing and soothing.

Listening to Jasin describe the process involved in building bikes demonstrates how it is, sometimes, more of a mental process than a mechanical one. I can relate to Jasin as he describes how he stares at the bike for hours to help mentally design the creation to perfection. One aspect of bike building that he talks about is defeat. I am a big believer in the lessons of defeat and I think the best teacher is experience. Knowing when you are beat is a valuable skill to have, and an even better one when you learn to accept it. Just like pain is the bodies way of telling you something is wrong, the struggle in a build is an indication that the wrong direction is being taken. Knowing when to shift gears is a fine line.

Anyway…enjoy the video for what it’s worth. Next blog posting I will hopefully bring everyone up to speed on the 65 Revive CB 160 project as lots of progress, and defeat, has been had.

  1. Val says:

    Interesting Video. I love these documentaries which Vimeo seems to have a lot of, although i find their site a little glitchy sometimes. You may like, if you haven’t seen it yet, the video on Shinya Kimura. I’m not sure if this link will work, but look up the name and you’ll find it.

    • gordsgarage says:

      Hey Val, I am a big documentaries fan myself. I have seen, and posted, the Shinya Kimura video in the past, I love that one. There is a second Vimeo video of him which is pretty good too, if you haven’t seen it you should search for it.


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