Often I run impromptu sessions in the garage. These times are usually highly satisfying for me as they usually occur when I have just cleaned the shop, everything is organized, and I have available to me the equipment and supplies. Often I spend the time, when I should be sleeping, laying awake brain CADing the next project. The spontaneous projects are great because I just start to wing it and make whatever I have work.

I have a couple of friends that work at the local Audi and Hyundai dealerships in town. The Audi friend is a service manager and the Hyundai friend is a partsman. I figured their desks may benefit from a customized, one off, business card holder.

I scrounged around the shop looking for automotive related parts that I have stashed in various corners. I collected a few components that would lend themselves well to some modifying and decided to build some unique card holders. Below are the pictures showing what I came up with off the top of my head.



Sorry, no shots of the milling of the piston top. The first card holder consisted of a old BMW piston and an aftermarket rear spring lowering perch for a mk4 VW. The piston top was milled to fit business cards and then both the perch and piston were polished.


The polished piston top was taped off and the bottom half was the glass media blasted.


The Glacier White powder coating was fogged on and the assembly was baked.


I plotted out Hyundai decals on some gloss black vinyl to add to the customized look.


Done deal! Quick and easy.


As you may know I am I big fan of retro and vintage styling. I keep the polishing down to a “not so gleaming” level as I think it looks better.


The spring perch height was a little too tall so trimmed it down a bit. The base was cut on the lather in order to ensure it would press fit into the piston base. The jam nuts were left untouched.


I think the style suits a parts persons desk.


My next card holder took a little more machining. It started out with a rod of 6061 aluminum. I offset it in the lather chuck and drilled an off center hole straight through. I have a four jaw chuck that allows me to offset the stock properly however in this case I was lazy and the precision was not required so I opted to just toss a spacer into the 3 jaw. It works.


Onto the mill where I used a ball nosed end mill to cut some slots through the narrow side.


Next I moved onto a section of 1.000″ 6061 solid square bar where I dropped an end mill part way through it.


Next I hogged out a section where the business cards would slide through.


Onto the band saw where the milled bar was trimmed to length using a 45 degree angle.


All the components would get bolted together so I drilled, and countersunk, the hole for the stainless steel fastener.


Here are all the components that make up the card holder. The large valve is from an air cooled Porsche 911 and the the small valve was from my Honda CB160 cafe racer.


The aluminum components received a brushed finish. I like it!


Both valves received a polishing.


An Audi rings decal was plotted and applied. Done deal!


The small valve was secured with a set screw. The large valve was press fit into the aluminum rod and the secured using the stainless steel socket head cap screw.


I hid a GG logo on the bottom of the 911 valve.


  1. Chris Muncy says:

    It really amazes me every time you post one of your projects Gord. I love your attention to detail. Unfortunately in my case I have no artistic ability. If I see something I like, I can build it or base something else off of it. But an original piece like what you share with us? I’m not that guy.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family Gord.

    • gordsgarage says:

      Thanks Chris, the artistic touch is not always easy. I find I do better if I don’t have the time to overthink the project. Unfortunately the big projects require planning and therefore thinking is a crucial factor. The small project I can just fly by the seat of my pants and they sometimes work out better.

      I appreciate the support you have showed me over the past 5 years. I think you may be my longest active follower. I hope you enjoy the holidays and look forward to more cyber talk with you next year.


  2. Brian Smart says:

    Thank you for your bits through out the year , I wish you and family a safe and healthy
    Christmas and New year . Regards BS

    • gordsgarage says:

      Thanks Brian, I appreciate you taking the time to follow the blog and provide positive comments. Looking forward to another year of cutting, grinding, machining, and welding metal.

      I wish you, and your family, a safe and happy holidays. See you next year.


  3. Malcolm Mott says:

    You are an inspiration to us all. Every one of your posts makes my day. Merry Christmas to you.

    • gordsgarage says:

      Thanks Malcolm, I think the inspiration goes both ways. It is nice to know that others share my interests and take the time to let me know. It inspires me to share my little world with others knowing that it is appreciated.

      Happy holidays to you and yours. See you next year.


  4. The Stu says:

    Gord my friend, your mind works at a MUCH higher RPM than mine, very cool, and as always, totally unique ideas!! Incredible!

    • gordsgarage says:

      Stu! I can appreciate high RPM and the work it can accomplish however you, my friend, are the pinnacle of low end torque. Anyone who has met you knows you can grind it out pretty good. You remind me of this link on my blog. Thanks for the support over the years.


  5. Joel says:

    Gord, I look forward to all of your posts. Your creativity of the project, and amazing photography capturing it are amazing. Thanks for sharing how you fun in the shop creating gifts for others. You are a true friend.

    • gordsgarage says:

      Thanks Joel, it brings me a huge amount of joy to know that people like you enjoy my garage adventures as much as I do. It is always about the process for me and I like the fact that others like the things I come up with. People like you that take the time to comment are very much appreciated.

      Looking forward to sharing more in the new year.


  6. Jason Garber says:

    Awesome work Gord. Thanks for showing us all what making something look good is all about.

  7. Info sangat menarik, sukses ya mas.. , Adrianne

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