So you’re looking for genuine Gords Garage clothing hey? I have only one question. Why? Why would anyone want to spend their hard earned cash on clothing that has “Gords Garage” splattered across the front of it? I dunno, that’s why I am asking. Seriously, if you think buying clothing with some guys blog advertised on it is a good idea then you need to stop reading this and spend some time reevaluating your priorities. However…if you want to join me in displaying a love for welding and the amateur skills that many of us possess then I have a deal for you!

Sports Apparel

I am somewhat excited to announce the introduction of the “Just Weld It” and “Not a Pro” clothing line exclusive to Gords Garage. I know what you’re thinking, how do I get my dirty welding hands on a cool vintage tee? Well you are one click away from 1200 products available to you, the general public. No membership required! No VIP status required! No commitment required!

You can now visit the online Gords Garage clothing store and browse through the Tees, sweatshirts, hats, and other products available displaying the “Just Weld It” and “Not A Pro” logos. You can customize each item, change the colors, numbers, and logos to suit your liking. You can even scrap what I came up with and do your own thing.

So you may be asking yourself what does Gord get out of all this? Well I will tell you. Some fun and a sense comradery among us garage dwellers. Oh…you meant as far as monetary value? Well that would be absolutely nothing, as in no cash, no moolah, no bling bling, no cha ching, and no kick back. I have no interest in making any dinero off any of you. So if you want some new duds then rest easy knowing you aren’t funding some guy’s metal obsession.

If you are short on funds and are struggling between buying a “Just Weld It” hoodie or buying some garage tools and equipment this is a no brainer. Go for the tools!
So what are you waiting for?
Get GordsGarage Clothing Here

Sports Apparel

  1. chris orbesen says:

    Are you offering for sale any of the products you built for the CB160. Ex: the seat pan, kick stand, and especially your two into one exhaust?



    • gordsgarage says:

      Hi Chris, none of the items I built for the CB160 are for sale. I build one offs and typically build off the top of my head. I have no plans to fall back on in order to reproduce. The purpose of my blog is to hopefully inspire people to take on the challenges of building stuff for themselves.


  2. howder1951 says:

    Hey Gord,
    On the thermos project, how do you propose to apply the vacuum to the container?
    Also, I can’t make out how those 5/16″ rods are holding it together, I can’t make out any threads per se.
    Too bad for the anodizing, can you not bathe it and dye again? ( I really don’t know beans about the process, so tell me if it is a dumb question.
    Thanks again,
    Howie Nore

    • gordsgarage says:

      Hi Howie, glad you figures out the rod attachment. The vacuum was a tricky one to figure out. The vacuum chamber is all o-ring sealed. I never posted a picture of the bottom of the thermos but there is actually a hole drilled which is connected to a chamber that leads to the vacuum chamber. I took the plastic valve out of a bag of coffee I had. Basically it is just a check valve. The plastic valve gets sealed into the bottom of the thermos and then I can pull the vacuum down to 29 inches using either a hand vacuum pump or I may use an air conditioning service vacuum pump. Either way I have high hopes that it will work. If I ever build another thermos I want to install gauges all over it to monitor temperature, inner chamber pressure and vacuum chamber pressure. Go total steam punk with it.

      Thanks for posting a comment!


  3. howder1951 says:

    Hey Gord,
    I just noticed the sh cap screws and got the assembly figured out now, sorry to bother

  4. alex says:

    Hi Gord,

    Do you still happen to have the OEM CB160 carbs and air filters? Exhaust? If so, are you willing to sell them?


    • gordsgarage says:

      Hi Alex, I do have the OEM carbs but I am not willing to part with them. As far as the air filters go they are probably the originals and are not much good for anything. The exhaust is all rotted out.


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