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I was in need of a mental break last night so I decided to shift gears and make some progress on my 1935 Marshall Wells Zenith CCM bicycle restoration. I have desperately wanted to get the wooden rims sanded down. I want to be able to inspect the condition of the wood, rebuild the hubs, and start measuring things up to determine the new spoke length.

 I de-laced one wheel so I could start working on just the hoop. It was a mindless evening spent sanding all the red paint off. I knocked off the majority of the top layer using my Black and Decker Mouse sander outfitted with 80 grit paper. I then went over the hoop twice by hand. First time with 120 grit and then finished it off with 220 grit. The rim came out smooth as glass.

 Since I spent the evening staring at every square millimetre of the rim I was able to get a good idea as to its condition. I am very pleased with the condition of the wood, very few nicks and no major gouges. The rim joint looks to be in good condition as well, no signs of separation. The rim sanded up great.

 I am unsure the type of wood that CCM used for these rims. I had talked to my uncle, a carpenter, and he thought it may be Maple (at least I think that is what he said) I am sure I will find out the species before the project is complete. I really like the grain of the bare wood so at this point in time I think I am going to clear finish the rims in order to maintain to natural wood look.



There have been some questions lately concerning how to determine the year of certain Zenith bicycles that were built by CCM for the Marshall Wells department store chain. I posted a chart that outlines the letters assigned to CCM bicycles between the years 1921 to 1960. For those of you who are interested in my connection to CCM built Zenith bicycles check out my post on my 1935 model.

It took a little bit of sanding on the frame of my 1935 model to actually find where the numbers are stamped. I finally recovered the numbers on the left side of the seat tube at the very top of the tube were the seat post slides in. My number was fairly well stamped and with a little bit of sanding it was readable. I am unsure if all frames are stamped this well. The number on my model is X4076. According to the chart there are up to 5 numbers that follow the initial letters between the years 1921 to 1936.  I am assuming because the bike was under the 10000 produced amount I only have 4 numbers.

I located the serial number chart awhile back on the internet. I am unable to give credit for it where credit is due.