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So I stumbled across this video and I had a burning desire to share it. The video was shot by filmmaker Michael John Evans who is a filmmaker, writer, and illustrator. You can find out more about him here. I know nothing about the film making business and what makes a good film however I think this video is awesome. It features Sean Walling, owner of Soulcraft a bicycle frame building company based out of Petaluma California, building a mountain bike from scratch. I think there are multiple reasons I enjoyed the video, the videography done by Michael is fantastic, the equipment featured is impressive, the precision involved  is soothing (is that weird to admit to? I dunno…it relaxes me), and the soundtrack makes for a fabulous 6 minutes worth of viewing pleasure.

Building a bicycle frame is an item that is on my very long list of future projects. Watching Sean work makes me rethink the skills I lack and need to obtain. Blow this video up to full screen, crank up the volume and give yourself a 6 minute well deserved break. This kind of stuff rocks the show!