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Times are changing and the best thing to do is accept it. Gordsgarage blog is 1 year old and its past year has shown that it is happy to have come into existence. When I started the blog I did not have any idea how things would evolve. Within a couple months I came up with a format that kept all the posts consistent in nature. The format worked and worked well. Unfortunately the posts also became very time consuming. As much as I enjoy putting the posts together I have found that the time required has forced me to sacrifice more pressing things in my life. So it’s time for a change. Blog is staying, format is changing. I am going to try and make my posting less “wordy”, I think I sometimes put too much useless talk into the blogs. I will continue to keep the pictures coming however there won’t be as many shots of things that help me explain what I am trying to accomplish. I guess what I would really like is that if people have questions or comments regarding the projects that they send them my way. I would rather spend my time covering things people are actually interested in. Thanks to all who have shown their support by subscribing.

 A friend of mine has a Triumph Triple motorcycle (I apologize as I do not know the exact model) that had a recent “incident”. It turns out that as a result of this “incident” the spools for his race stand were damaged and broken. He had approached me and asked if I could spin him out 4 new ones. This is what I came up with.

The spools were cut from 1 inch solid 6061 aluminum. They were modeled after his existing ones however were slightly modified to allow for a beefy 6mm socket head bolt. When I get a chance I plan to send them through my anodizing tank and spruce them up with some color.

4 new motorcycle stand spools. The black spool in the background is the original which I used as a sample.